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How Much Is Grab Hire in Warwickshire?

If you are in need of waste removal services in Warwickshire, you may be wondering how much it will cost to hire a grab or grab lorry. Skip Hire Warwickshire is a grab hire company in Warwickshire that can provide you with the waste removal services you need. We offer various services and pricing options to suit your needs and budget.

What Is Grab Hire?

Grab hire or grab lorry hire is a waste disposal service that uses a lorry equipped with a grab arm to remove waste. The grab arm is used to load waste materials, such as soil, rubble, and general waste, into the lorry quickly and efficiently. This method of waste removal is ideal for larger amounts of waste or for materials that are difficult to move by hand, such as construction waste.

Why Use Our Grab Hire Service?

Using our grab hire service offers many benefits, including:

  • Quick and efficient waste removal
  • Less manpower needed for waste removal
  • A larger capacity for waste removal than skip hire
  • Less hassle and labour costs
  • Flexible pricing options

What is a Grab Lorry?

A grab lorry is a large truck with a hydraulic arm and grab bucket mounted on it. The arm is operated by a hydraulic system and can easily pick up and move large, heavy objects. The grab bucket can hold up to 20 tonnes of waste material, depending on the type of grab lorry used.

How Much Does Grab Hire Cost in Warwickshire?

At Skip Hire Warwickshire, our grab lorry hire prices start at 200.00 per load. However, the cost will depend on a number of factors, such as the type and amount of waste material you need to be removed, the location of the waste, and the distance the grab lorry needs to travel.

If you are unsure about the amount of waste you need to be removed or need help estimating the cost, please give us a call on 01926 935044, and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

How Does Grab Hire Work?

To use our grab hire service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Determine the amount of waste you need to be removed. We have a variety of grab lorries available, and our team can help you select the correct one based on your specific needs.
  2. Contact us to schedule your grab lorry service. You can do this online or by calling our phone number, 01926 935044.
  3. On the day of your grab lorry service, our team will arrive at the location of the waste to be removed at the agreed-upon time. They will then operate the hydraulic arm to load the waste material into the grab bucket on the lorry.
  4. Once the lorry is full, it will be taken to an appropriate waste management facility, where the waste material will be properly disposed of or recycled.

The Benefits of Grab Hire

Effective Waste Removal

Our grab lorry service is an effective way to remove waste material from your property or work site. The hydraulic arm on our grab lorries can lift heavy loads of waste material without the need for manual labour, which makes it a quick and efficient option for waste removal.


Using a grab lorry may actually be more cost-effective than traditional skip hire. As our grab lorries have a higher capacity than traditional skips, we can remove a larger amount of waste in fewer trips. Additionally, you wont have to worry about any extra labour costs, as our team will handle all of the loading for you.


Our grab lorries are perfect for a variety of waste removal needs, including home renovations, commercial site cleanups, and garden waste disposal. They can handle a wide range of waste materials, including soil, bricks, rubble, garden waste, and construction waste.

Faster Turnaround Time

As we can remove more waste in one trip with our grab lorries, it allows for a quicker turnaround time, which means less time spent waiting for waste to be removed from your site.

Why Choose Skip Hire Warwickshire for Your Grab Hire Needs?

When you choose Skip Hire Warwickshire for your waste removal needs, you are getting a reliable and efficient service. We have years of experience in providing quality waste removal services to our customers in Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of waste removal, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service.

We offer competitive pricing and flexible options for your grab hire needs, and our team is always available to discuss your unique requirements.

How to Contact Us

If you need a grab lorry for your waste removal needs in Warwickshire, please contact Skip Hire Warwickshire today. You can call us on 01926 935044 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!

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